Nancy SteRling

Fine Art

Born and raised in Seattle, I graduated from the University of Washington with a BFA. In the mid 60's I became one of the first women in the country to be promoted to art director in an ad agency (think Mad Man era). I eventually became creative director at several East and West Coast ad agencies and stayed in this career for about 20 years until I left advertising to start my own graphic design agency in the late 80's. And although I am now officially retired, I still enjoy doing occasional projects for a small handful of my longtime clients.

Throughout my career I continued to pursue my art in my spare time, exploring many mediums - pastel, oil, acrylic and Photoshop painting. Today I am excited to be able to devote almost full time to pursuing a new direction in my art! I am having fun working in 3D, creating wall hangings and sculptures using clay, wood, and findings. These wall hangings and sculptures are inspired by my life-long fascination with the textures, shapes and colors found in nature. Occasionally my bright color loving, wild-child self wants to express herself too, so I have gotten into creating pieces on the whimsical side of life as well...

Life is still full of adventures, excitement and discoveries!